Product Basket

Having an adequate product basket across different assets classes, risk profiles and by different companies is very crucial to offer holistic, unbiased and need-based structured solutions or strategies to clients. We proud ourselves in providing our clients with a single point, unrestricted access to a rich basket of growing financial & non-financial products.

Mutual Funds
We have all the mutual fund schemes on offer by virtually all the Asset Management Companies (AMCs) in the country. As a client, you can access any scheme with us, either in physical mode or even in a demat /stock-exchange mode with Trading Account services.
Term Insurance
Term Plan is the best solution since it only charges for cost of insurance which is not much. Sadly, despite of reforms in insurance sector, what gets pushed are saving plan and ULIPs. Usually both the elements of insurance and savings come at a huge cost, also if you opt to buy adequate insurance you end up paying a huge premium which most of the time is unaffordable. We always recommend you to buy term plan for adequate coverage at lesser cost.  
Health Insurance
Just like Life insurance policy is paramount for earning member of a family, a health insurance cover is a must for all family members. Treatment of disease and accidents can cause a serious dent on your wallet, which is why you need a insurance to cover hospital bill.
Personal Accidental  

With probability of occurrence being the highest accident can claim your life or leave you hospitalized/ disabled. While the above two policies will insulate you and your dependents from financial worries, you will still need an income stream for the period you are unable to work.

 Personal Accidental policy offers financial compensation against accident that may leave you permanently or temporarily crippled. 

Home Insurance
House & its contents, car etc are not just requirements for a good  living and convenience; your emotions are also attached to them. Although you cannot guard them from all possible risks- Burglary, Fire, Flood, Earthquakes & other natural perils, you can take steps to help you tide over unexpected events that can result into financial losses.


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